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Division of Infectious Diseases

A nationally and internationally recognized clinical research program in infectious disease.

ID Laboratory

CLIA-certified, high-complexity reference laboratory offering testing services related to the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

HIV Care

Our division manages over 1600 HIV patients in the UofL 550 Clinic, a Ryan White HIV/AIDs grant recipient.

Vaccine and International Health & Travel Clinic

Preventing illness is the cornerstone of healthcare whether at home or abroad.

Refugee Health Program

We make health services available to the approximately 2500 refugees entering Kentucky every year.

Global Health Research Organization

Research is a primary focus of our division which has established an international cohort database for the Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization (CAPO)


Association of duration of symptoms before admission with severity of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Bilal Abaid,1 Beatriz Home,1 Abhishek Thandra,1 Lysbeth Perez,1 Carlos Martell,1 Brian Guinn,1Robert Kelley,1 Raul Nakamatsu,1 Anupama Raghuram,1 Paula Peyrani

Trends in in-hospital mortality in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia from 2000-2014

Eman Abbas,1 Veronica Corcino,1 Muntadher Khaleefah,1 Joannis Baez Gonzalez,1 Laura Binford,1Julio Ramirez,1 Paula Peyrani,1 Francisco Fernandez,1 Timothy Wiemken.1

Clinical outcomes of male vs. female patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

T'shura Ali,1 Joud Arnouk,1 Kavita Lohano,1 Laura Binford,1 Brian Guinn,1 Anupama Raghuram,1Raul Nakamatsu,1 Francisco Fernandez,1 Forest Arnold.1

Criteria for clinical failure in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Younes Aljohmani, Katherine Rivera Contreras, Himabindu Boja, Priyanga Jayakumar. Brian Guinn, Raul Nakamatsu, Forest Arnold, Francisco Fernandez

Global Health Center: Perception of Existing Oral Health Among Newly Arriving Refugees to Kentucky

Quds Al Saffer, Mary Issac, Aisha Khalifa, Ruth Carrico, Rahel Bosson, Julio Ramirez

Correlation of procalcitonin levels with severity of disease in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Joud Arnouk, Himabindu Boja, Murtaza Mir, Guillermo Barahona, Kavitha Srinivasan, Francisco Fernandez, Julio Ramirez, Paula Peyrani, Anupama Raghuram

Challenges in clinical research: how to keep track of more than 6,000 study samples during a period of one year

Rukia Ayoubi, Rebecca Ford, Younes Aljohmani, Jennifer Campbell, Carmen Mitchell, Kimberley Buckner, James Summersgill, Paula Peyrani, Robert R. Kelley, Mawadda Alnaeeli

Cardiovascular events associated with Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumonia versus influenza pneumonia

Joannis Baez Gonzalez,1 Kavita Lohano,1 Guillermo Barahona,1 Edisley Reyes,1 Maribel Teron,1Timothy Wiemken,1 Robert Kelley,1 Anupama Raghuram,1 Francisco Fernandez.

Global Health Center: Risk of Rabies Exposure During International Travel and Pre-­‐Travel Counseling: A Case Report

Dawn Balcom MSN FNP-­‐C; Linda Goss MSN APRN NP-­‐C; Anupama Raghuram MD; Rahel Bosson MD; Julio Ramirez MD; Ruth Carrico PhD FNP-­‐C

The impact of prior antibiotic therapy on the clinical outcomes of hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Guillermo Barahona, Andrea Reyes, Joud Arnouk, Pooja SirDeshpande, Julie Harting, Timothy Wiemken, Julio Ramirez, Paula Peyrani, Forest Arnold

Implementation  of  a  Collaborative  approach  to  addressing  Refugee  Health Care:  Kentucky  Area  Refugee  Medical  Awareness  (KARMA)  Consortium

"Elizabeth Barnes MPH; Rebecca Ford MPH; Ruth Carrico PhD FNP-­C; Anupama Raghuram MD; Julio Ramirez MD; Rahel Bosson MD

Global Health Center: Barriers to Treatment Initiation and Adherence of Latent Tuberculosis Infection Among the Kentucky Refugee Population Seen in the Global Health Center

Emilio Barrios, Kahir Jawad, Rebecca Ford, Salwa Rashid, Aliamne Exposito, Linda Goss, Timothy L. Wiemken, Ruth Carrico, Julio Ramirez, Rahel Bosson

The role of influenza as a viral etiology of COPD exacerbations during the winter

Leslie Beavin, Stephanie Lunn, Younes Aljohmani, Maria Rosa Velasquez, Laura Binford, Brian Guinn, James Summersgill, Raul Nakamatsu, Paula Peyrani2 Anupama Raghuram,

Using machine learning to predict clinical failure in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia

Laura Binford, William Mattingly, Kimberley Buckner, Brian Guinn, Joshua Britton, Brick Green, Matthew Grassman, Robert Kelley, Timothy Wiemken, Julio Ramirez

Systemic inflammatory response and clinical outcomes in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Himabindu Boja, Abhishek Thandra, Bilal Abaid, Joud Arnouk, Laura Binford, Brian Guinn,Francisco Fernandez, Forest Arnold, Timothy Wiemken, Paula Peyrani

Improving Vaccine Tracking for the University of Louisville, Vaccine and Travel Center: Vaccine Inventory Tracking System (VITS)

Joshua Britton, William Mattingly, Kimberley Buckner, Laura Binford, Brick Green, Matthew Grassman, Brian Guinn, Timothy Wiemken, Robert Kelley

Evaluating communication patterns in an international meeting: experience with the Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization (CAPO) international research meeting

Kimberley Buckner, William Mattingly, Robert Kelley, Laura Binford, Brian Guinn, Paula Peyrani,Julio Ramirez, Timothy Wiemken

Cryptococcal Meningitis in an Immunocompetent Patient: Case Report

Mark Burns, Leslie Beavin, Veronica Corcino, Laura Binfor, Srikanth Ramachandruni, Anupama Raghuram, Forest Arnold, Paula Peyrani, Raul Nakamatsu

Characteristics of HIV-­‐positive patients co-­‐infected with syphilis at the 550 clinic in the University of Louisville, KY

"Camila Calderon, Angita Jain, Mohammed Abuzar, Paula Peyrani, Danny Truelove, Mary Bishop, Anupama Raghuram

The Primary Needs Identified Among Newly Arriving Refugees in the Early Resettlement Process

Rachel Cathey BA; Sarah Van Heiden BA; William Johnson BS; Rebecca Ford MPH; Ruth Carrico PhD FNP-C; Rahel Bosson MD

PVC13 Serotypes Distribution in Hospitalized Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP)

Veronica Corcino, Kimberley Buckner, Murtaza Mir, Stephanie Lunn, Laura Binford, Amir Elbiheary,Srikanth Ramachandruni, Timothy Wiemken, Julio Ramirez, Forest Arnold

Correlation of procalcitonin levels with etiology of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Yohan Diaz Zuniga, Edisley Reyes, Beatriz Home, Claudiu Moisa, Maribel Medina Teron, Robert R. Kelley, Timothy L. Wiemken, Paula Peyrani, Raul Nakamatsu

Global Health Center: Benefits of an Electronic Health Record for the Newly Arriving Refugee Population

Rachel Cathey BA; Sarah Van Heiden BA; William Johnson BS; Rebecca Ford MPH; Ruth Carrico PhD FNP-C; Rahel Bosson MD

Key cytokines mediating chronic inflammation and accelerating aging (inflammaging) in subjects with stable HIV disease

Ibrahim Elkhawas, Vidyulata Salunkhe, Leslie Beavin, Mark Burns, Veronica Corcino, Fernandez Botran, Timothy L. Wiemken, Julio Ramirez, Paula Peyrani

Global Health Center: Reasons for the High Abortion Rate Among Cuban Refugee Women Resettled in Louisville KY

Aliamne Exposito, Salwa Rashid, Ahmed Nahas, Rebecca Ford, Luisa Villatoro, Katherine Rivera, Timothy L. Wiemken, Robert R. Kelley, Ruth Carrico, Julio Ramirez, Rahel Bosson

Health Conditions Effecting the Refugee Population Resettled in Kentucky

Rebecca Ford, Elizabeth Barnes, Lauren Herr, Emilio Barrios, Aliamne Exposito, Anupama Raghuram, Robert R. Kelley, Timothy L. Wiemken, Paula Peyrani, Ruth Carrico, Julio Ramirez, Rahel Bosson

Clinical presentation and outcomes of hospitalized patients with Legionella pneumophila versus Streptococcus pneumoniae community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Kuldeep Ghosh, Maria Rosa Velasquez, Muntadher Khaleefah, Claudiu Moisa, Francisco Fernandez,Paula Peyrani, Forest Arnold, Raul Nakamatsu

Design and Implementation of a Grant Management System to Provide Grant Writing Support in the Biomedical Sciences

Brick Green, William Mattingly, Joshua Britton, Laura Binford, Kimberley Buckner, Brian Guinn,Matthew Grassman, Matthew Dolan, Timothy Wiemken, Robert Kelley

Etiology, antibiotic management, and clinical outcomes of patients with foot osteomyelitis

Moamen ElHaddaad,1 Ahmed Nahas,1 Leslie Beavin,1 Timothy Wiemken,1 Robert Kelley,1 Julie Harting,1 Paula Peyrani,1 Julio Ramirez,1 Francisco Fernandez

Elevated Blood Lead Levels Among Pediatric and Pregnant Refugees Resettling in Louisville, Kentucky

Lauren Herr, Beverly Wilson, Marie Dever, Julio Ramirez, Kris Zierold, Ruth Carrico

Global Health Center: Evaluation of the Existing Civil Surgeon Exam Process as a Means of Ensuring Treatment for Latent Tuberculosis Infection Among the Immigrant Population in the Jefferson County, Kentucky Area

Beatriz Home, Linda Goss, Ruth Carrico, Forest Arnold, Rahel Bosson, Julio Ramirez, Sandra Melendez, Maikel Companioni, Anupama Raghuram

Oral Health Assessment Among Newly Arriving Refugees in Louisville KY

Mary Issac, Quds Al Saffer, Aisha Khalifa, Mohammed Murtaza Mir, Ruth Carrico, Rahel Bosson

Global Health Center: Treatment Adherence for Latent Tuberculosis Infection among the Kentucky Refugee Population at the University of Louisville Refugee Health Program

Kahir Jawad, Rebecca Ford, Salwa Rashid, Anupama Raghuram, Aliamne Exposito, Emilio Barrios, Timothy L. Wiemken, Robert R. Kelley, Ruth Carrico, Julio Ramirez, Rahel Bosson

Incidence of hospitalized patients with community-­‐acquired-­‐pneumonia (CAP)in Jefferson County, KY and in the USA

Priyanga Jayakumar, T'shura Ali, Stephanie Lunn, Devina Singh, Brian Guinn, Ashley Reinhart, Robert R. Kelley, Timothy L. Wiemken, Paula Peyrani, Forest Arnold

Refugees at Risk for Mental Health Problems

William Johnson1, Rebecca Ford1, Kavitha Srinivasan1, Darlene Davis2, Monnica Williams2, Ruth Carrico1, Mary-­‐Beth Coty3, Catherine Batscha3, Julio Ramirez1, Rahel Bosson1

Using markers of inflammation to predict mortality in hospitalized patients with community-­acquired pneumonia with ensemble machine learning methods

Robert Kelley, Timothy Wiemken, William Mattingly, Brian Guinn, Laura Binford, Kim Buckner, Brick Green, Josh Britton, Paula Peyrani, Julio Ramirez

Correlation of Obesity with outcomes in hospitalized patients with community-Acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Muntadher Khaleefah, Bilal Abaid, Moamen Elhaddad, Rukia Ayoubi, Laura Binford, Eman Abbas, Anupama Raghuram, Raul Nakamatsu, Forest Arnold, Paula Peyrani,

Association of Obesity and Opportunistic Infections in HIV Positive Females

Aisha Khalifa, Mohammad Mohammas, Ibrahim Elkhawas, Senen Pena, Vidyulata Salunkhe, Eman Abbas, Anupama Raghuram, Raul Nakamatsu, Paula Peyrani,

The effectiveness of the 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine to prevent hospitalization due to pneumococcal community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) in the elderly

Kavita Lohano, Yohan Diaz Zuniga, Edisley Reyes, T'shura Ali, Laura Binford, Brian Guinn, Paula Peyrani, Anupama Raghuram, Forest Arnold

Oral Health Assessment Among Newly Arriving Refugees in Louisville KY

Mary Issac, Quds Al Saffer, Aisha Khalifa, Mohammed Murtaza Mir, Ruth Carrico, Rahel Bosson

Do antiplatelet medications prevent poor clinical outcomes in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Carlos Martell, Guillermo Barahona, Joannis Baez Gonzalez, Pooja SirDeshpande, Ane Uranga Echeverria, Laura Binford, Julie Harting, Anupama Raghuram ,Paula Peyrani, Timothy L. Wiemken

A Needs Assessment for Nutrition and Food Security Among Refugees Settling in Louisville

Ivana Mattingly, Rishtya Kakar, Quds Al Saffer, Ruth Carrico, Rahel Bosson, Julio Ramirez

Improving international research in community acquired pneumonia through real-time data analytics: the CAPO cloud initiative

William Mattingly, Kimberley Buckner, Brian Guinn, Laura Binford, Joshua Britton, Matthew Grassman, Brick Green, Julio Ramirez, Timothy Wiemken, Robert Kelley,

Risk factors for infection due to MRSA or Pseudomonas in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Murtaza Mir, Priyanga Jayakumar, Rukia Ayoubi, Bilal Abaid, Laura Binford, Robert Kelley, Timothy Wiemken Julie Harting, Francisco Fernandez,

Combination therapy is associated with better clinical outcomes in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Mohammad K. Mohammad, Eman Abbas, Claudiu Moisa, Brian Guinn, Ashley Reinhart, Julie Harting, Timothy L. Wiemken, Paula Peyrani

Using the antibiotic intensity score to evaluate antibiotic use in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) with known versus unknown etiology

Claudiu Moisa, Lysbeth Perez, Vidyulata Salunkhe, Muntadher Khaleefah, Julie Harting, Timothy Wiemken, Julio Ramirez, Paula Peyrani, Forest Arnold,

Systemic inflammatory response in patients with clinically stable COPD

Ahmed Nahas, Laura Binford, Leslie Beavin, Mark Burns, Veronica Corcino, Maria Rosa Velasquez, Fernandez Botran, Timothy Wiemken, Julio Ramirez, Rodrigo Cavallazzi2

Global Health Center: Defining Financial and Operational Metrics for the Global Medical Home

Arsalan Paleshi PhD, Rebecca Ford MP, Ruth Carrico PhD FNP-C, Anupama Raghuram MD, Paula Peyrani MD, Julio Ramirez MD, Rahel Bosson MD

Time to Clinical Stability in Patients with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) due to Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Treated with Linezolid versus Vancomycin: Results from the IMPACT-HAP Study

Senen Pena, Kendra Thompson, Himabindu Boja, Andrea Reyes, Ibrahim Elkhawas, Ane Uranga Echeverria, Timothy Wiemken, Julio Ramirez, Paula Peyrani

Do cardiovascular risk factors predict cardiovascular events in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Lysbeth Perez, Younes Aljohmani, Yohan Diaz Zuniga, Joannis Baez Gonzalez, Maribel Medina Teron, Brian Guinn, Raul Nakamatsu, Forest Arnold, Paula Peyrani,

Seasonality of Streptococcus pneumoniae Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP)

Pradeepa Poudyal,1 Kahir Jawad,1 Devina Singh,1 Vaibhav Rastogi,1 Laura Binford,1 Francisco Fernandez,1 Forest Arnold,1 Raul Nakamatsu,1 Timothy Wiemken.1

Bacteremic community-acquired pneumonia (CAP): etiology and outcomes

Srikanth Ramachandruni, Pooja SirDeshpande, Carlos Martell, Lysbeth Perez, Laura Binford, Forest Arnold, Paula Peyrani, Raul Nakamatsu,

Reproductive Health Among Women Refugees in Kentucky

Salwa Rashid, Ana Fuentes, Rebecca Ford, Katherine Rivera, Raghuram Anupama,Timothy L. Wiemken, Ruth Carrico, Salwa Rashid

The impact of serum glucose in the outcomes of hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Vaibhav Rastogi, Devina Singh, Mohammad Mohammad, Ane Uranga Echeverria, Moamen Elhaddad, Timothy Wiemken, Paula Peyrani, Anupama Raghuram

Virologic Response after Antiretroviral Therapy in Treatment-naïve HIV-infected Women: Results from the 550 Clinic HIV Cohort Study

Andrea Reyes, Ibrahim Elkhawas, Laura Binford, Danny Truelove, Mary Bishop, Julio Ramirez, Anupama Ramirez, Paula Peyrani

Impact of lobar versus multilobar pneumonia in the outcomes of hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Edisley Reyes, Amir Elbiheary, Priyanga Jayakumar, Abhishek Thandra, Carlos Martell, Robert Kelley, Paula Peyrani, Timothy L. Wiemken

Global Health Center: Implementation of a Pediatric Immunization and School Physical Safety Net Program for Refugees Resettling in Louisville Kentucky

Katherine Rivera, Steven Gootee, Amory Alvey, Joseph Carrico, Kuldeep Ghosh, Ruth Carrico, Rahel Bosson, Julio Ramirez University of Louisville, School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases

Predicting long-term mortality in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Vidyulata Salunkhe, Ane Uranga Echeverria, Andrea Reyes, Senen Pena, Jennifer Lestingi, Paula Peyrani, Forest Arnold, Timothy Wiemken,

Utility of streptococcus pneumonia urinary antigen test for patients with bacteremic pneumococcal community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Devina Singh, Vaibhav Rastogi, Murtaza Mir, Ahmed Nahas, Kavitha Srinivasan, Timothy L. Wiemken, Julio Ramirez, Paula Peyrani

Using criteria for clinical stability to define clinical response in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Pooja SirDeshpande, Moamen Elhaddad, Leslie Beavin, Veronica Corcino, Mark Burns, Francisco Fernandez, Anupama Raghuram, Raul Nakamatsu, Paula Peyrani

Evaluation of the Management of Refugees At Risk For Mental Health Conditions

Kavitha Srinivasan MD, Katherine Rivera-Contreras MD, William Johnson BS, Sarah Van Heiden BA, Salwa Rashid MD, Amir Elbiheary MD, Ruth Carrico PhD FNP-C, Mary-Beth Coty PhD RN PMHNP-C, Cathy Batscha DNP RN, Steven Lippmann MD, Julio Ramirez MD, Rahel Bosson MD

Sequential administration of beta lactams and macrolides on the outcomes of hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Abhishek Thandra, Yohan Diaz Zunigam Ane Uranga Echeverria, Vaibhav Rastogi, Julie Harting, Anupama Raghuram, Julio Ramirez, Robert R. Kelley, Timothy L. Wiemken

Challenges in clinical research: optimizing clinical research productivity by the development of relative value units (RVUs)

Kendra Thompson, Senen Pena, Kimberley Buckner, Pradeepa Poudyal, Jennifer Lestingi, Ashley Reinhart, Paula Peyrani, Julio Ramirez, Robert Kelley

Global Health Center: Use of Pictograms in the Provision of Information Regarding Over the Counter Medication for Newly Arriving Refugees

Sarah C. Van Heiden, William Johnson, Rachel Cathey, Julio Ramirez, Ruth Carrico, Rahel Bosson MD

Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP): real-life versus FDA trials

Maria Rosa Velasquez,1 Rukia Ayoubi,1 Kuldeep Ghosh,1 Maribel Medina Teron,1 Jennifer Lestingi,1Ashley Reinhart,1 Timothy Wiemken,1 Julio Ramirez,1 Robert Kelley,1 Paula Peyrani

Global Health Center: Do we need guidelines specific for the management of health conditions refugees resettling in Jefferson County?

Luisa Villatoro, Salwa Rashid, Kuldeep Ghosh, Rebecca Ford, Ruth Carrico, Anupama Raghuram, Julio Ramirez, Rahel Bosson

Hierarchical clustering to identify cytokine patterns in hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)

Timothy L Wiemken PhD; Robert R Kelley PhD; Rafael Fernandez-Botran PhD; Paula Peyrani MD; Rodrigo Cavallazzi MD; Jose Bordon MD PhD; Julio Ramirez MD

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